with Friends in London 2014


Katrin Hattenhauer (born in 1968) is a german painter and civil rights activist, and has had exhibitions shown in Berlin, Houston, Leipzig, Bologna, and Florence. In the late 1980s she was imprisoned for membership in the central-European opposition – she had initiated the first Monday Demonstration in Leipzig - and was released in 1989 just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 2003-2004 Hattenhauer conducted workshops for young people from Eastern and Western Europe entitled "Take a Chance of Freedom" in Krzyżowa, Poland – their theme was moral courage. Her major exhibitions have included "Return to Freedom" (Leipzig 1999 and 2009)", and "Pieces of Paradise" (Berlin, Bologna, Florence 2009). In recent years she has focused on installations in public spaces („Rubbish Meadow“, Hamburg Harbour 2013).

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