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"About Disappearing", running project
London, Leipzig, 2014
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“Rubbish-Meadow”, running project
Hamburg-Harbour 2013, Berlin 2015
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Curator of AKB (Art Klub Berlin)
Berlin, 2015
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Catalogue “Two Friends”
published Leipzig, in October 2014
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Teaching material “David”
published in October 2014
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Jury member for the competition "Falling Walls - Freedom as a European Challenge", (Stiftung-Aufarbeitung)
Berlin, October 2014

Freedom Express, jury member
Berlin, August 2014
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Documentary "The Rebels - Regime Change in East Germany", Deutsche Welle,
17th Oct.2014
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Interview in Spiegel-Online,
4th Sept.2014
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Celebrations 25 Years on: the Peaceful Revolution and the Fall of the Wall,
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