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Film clips from: „The Rebels - Regime Change in East Germany“, TV-documentary, Deutsche Welle 2014

About Disappearing

We might forget it from time to time, but our life is fragile. At times everyone thinks about the end, about how it is going to be to die, how it is going to be when friends or family go away. To a certain degree we all share the anxious feeling that comes along with those thoughts, the thoughts about ceasing to exist, the fear to disappear. This fear has an influence on the way we live, it creates wishes: the wish for a safe home, a life for a reason, a legacy in some way.

QR- Code Project Leipzig, October 2014

All around the world men and women, who are fighting for a good, safe and meaningful life, are “disappearing“ or are being sent to prison. Disappearing in this sense does not necessarily equal death, but it often leaves the same void behind. When somebody disappears then it is going to be in secret, no one is going to be held responsible, the outside world will not be able to get in touch with this person anymore. Laws don‘t apply to the disappearing, the persecutors will do whatever they please. Secret confinement is the most substantial form of injustice - a forestalled death. The only thing that remains is the cruel uncertainty that leaves the relatives to wonder what happend to a loved one.

Accordingly to the way we receive information and share it with each other - always easy to digest - I work with QR Codes. The QR codes are printed as stickers and posted in the city. Scanning the code will lead to the history of this person.
The project should encourage people to think about someone besides themselves.

QR – Code Project London, DW-camera team at Camden Lock, September 2014

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