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"Daring Freedom" - Workshop:

(...) It was no coincidence that a workshop with this specific topic took place in Kreisau/Kryzowa. From 1942 - 1943 a resistance group met on the estate of the von Moltke family in Kreisau: the Kreisau Circle worked out plans for the future of Germany and Europe after the end of the Nazi dictatorship. Many of the members of this circle were executed between 1944 - 1945. When Kreisau became part of Poland after the war the name was changed to Kryzowa. Today's Kreisau foundation is a result of an initiative of Poles and Germans grounded in the movements of renewal in the late 1980s, which brought about the end of a divided Europe (...) During this workshop the artist and a group of young people sought to work out the importance of freedom in private, social and political life, arguing about the implications of this theme and expressing their results through art. It is surely a matter of no little regard that the participants in the workshop all came from countries in which only a few years previously dictators had ruled (...) Although Katrin Hattenhauer´s work with the young people only lasted for a week it was during this week that many of the participants were encouraged to consider consciously the concept of freedom and the prerequisites it demands for the first time. The intensity of the encounter, based on the fruits that it bore, must have had an immense effect. The young German people subsequently organized an exhibition in Potsdam of the works that were created in Kreisau and invited the Polish and Lithuanian participants to come. This was a bold undertaking, considering the organizational and financial capacities of the students (...) Annemarie Franke, Agnieszka v.Zanthier